Vermont House District Franklin-5

Support for Amendment on H.81

Amendment to H.81 presented by Representative Scott Beck would allow for an equitable determination process for the employee health benefits of school employees. Using the household income, which is used in determining property tax payments by the state as well as for eligibility in the VT Health Connect system, we can be sure that there is an even distribution of share in payments to school employees benefits packages. Some employees with a lower salary may have a significantly higher household income from either spousal income, investment income, or other assets unaccounted for in this bill as presented. It would be unfair to an employee making more on the school salary, but with less household income, to have a larger share in payments.

I represent not only teachers, school employees, but also tax payers and I believe an equitable cost sharing system be put in place. I will vote no on H.81 without the amendment presented by Representative Beck.

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