Vermont House District Franklin-5

Resolution on Governor Scott’s Executive Order

Today I voted NOT to support the resolution presented to the body today disapproving the Executive Order by Phil Scott regarding the creation of an Agency of Public Safety.

I voted no for multiple reasons. Although some flaws were pointed out in the limited testimony, I do not believe due process was given in examining the Order fully. The presenting committee blindsided its members with an unannounced vote to disapprove which is unfair to those on the committee and the people of Vermont. It is also my understanding that a few people who wished to testify were not allowed or ignored.

Governor Phil Scott won the election for Governor in a literal landslide victory this past November. It is my belief that the people of Vermont have full faith and confidence in our Governor and to disapprove of the Order so prematurely and without due process is a shame. I chose to stand my the Governor in this vote.

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